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Antonioni Beyond The Dome
exhibition trailer

A video shot by  BMStudio Films for the recent Antonioni Beyond The Dome exhibition at the Venice Film Festival #Venezia78, held at legendary Hotel Excelsior in Venezia Lido.


The show has been co curated by our creative director and founder Madel Nieddu and De Rebus Sardois collective, focusing on Villa La Cupola, designed fifty years ago by visionary architect Dante Bini for Italian master of film Michelangelo Antonioni.


The building, nestled among the rocks of Costa Paradiso (Sardinia) is considered one of the most iconic and influential architectures of the twentieth century. The house is at the moment in state of decay and neglect. The event aimed at raising awareness on the actual conditions of this fascinating work of art, which perfectly sums up Antonioni’s poetics.

Sandra Ceccarelli as Goneril

Sandra Ceccarelli as Goneril

Cordelia (The K. Sisterhood)

Cordelia (The K. Sisterhood)

Official Movie Poster

Isolda Dychauk as Cordelia

Isolda Dychauk as Cordelia

Claudio Laconi as Lear and Enrico Firpo as The Fool

Sandra Ceccarelli as Goneril

Sandra Ceccarelli as Goneril

Young Cordelia played by Freya Crobe

Cordelia (The K. Sisterhood)

Cordelia (The K. Sisterhood)

Goneril, Regan & Cordelia as little girls.

Claudio Laconi as Lear

Claudio Laconi as Lear

Lear and The Fool

Lear and The Fool

Isak Julin as Edmund

Isak Julin as Edmund

Edmund confronting Edgar

Edmund confronting Edgar

Cordelia exiled with her maids

Cordelia exiled with her maids

Michael Tintiuc as Edgar

Michael Tintiuc as Edgar

Sandra Ceccarelli as Goneril

Sandra Ceccarelli as Goneril


Cordelia (The K. Sisterhood) is a short film written and produced by Madel Nieddu of BM Studio and co directed with Guy Stephens.

the film has been Presented at the Palais du Festival for the Cannes Film Festival's Marché du Film 2017 and was also part of the Cannes Film Festival's Short Film Corner 2017 video library.

Official Selection at the Shakespeare Shorts 2020 film festival, patronized by Kenneth Branagh.


Winner of 'Best Cinematography' for the short films section 2017 at the AltFF Alternative Film Festival -iMDB eligible- of Toronto, Canada.

Official Selection at the Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival 2017

Official Selection Move Me Productions Festivals Network, Belgium 2017

Part of the Centro Nazionale del Cortometraggio.

Official Selection at Rieti & Sabina Film Festival 2018

Official Selection and Special Festival Mention winner at London Falcon International Film Festival 2018.

The protagonists of our film are actresses Sandra Ceccarelli, winner of a Coppa Volpi in Venice
and Isolda Dychauk, star of The Borgias and Aleksandr Sokurov's Faust (Golden Lion in Venice).


The costumes are styled by Olga Yanul, fashion editor of Vogue Ukraine.

What characterizes this film is that Cordelia is inspired by Shakespeare's King Lear and Dostoevskij's The Brothers Karamazov and the themes of family conflict that these two works have in common, exploring the metamorphoses of parricide among groups of loving and hostile motherless siblings,

legitimate and illegitimate.


The film is also partially inspired by Dostoevskij's 'The Double' and the theme of Doppelgänger.


The intent of this work is to create a literary parallel between Shakespeare and other great authors of classic and contemporary culture, to explore the incredible similarities in the message to the readers, in the characters, in the feelings and the circumstances.

Cordelia (The K. Sisterhood)
A Study on King Lear.

Directed by Madel Nieddu FRESI and Guy Stephens
Written and produced by Madeleine N.
Cinematography: Luke Atkinson and Guy Stephens
Edited by Madel n. and Guy Stephens
Fashion editor: Olga Yanul
MUA and effects: Elena Mariotti
Production assistant: Martin Masia

Sandra Ceccarelli: Goneril
Isolda Dychauk: Cordelia
Claudio Laconi: Lear
Enrico Firpo: Gloucester/The Fool
Michael Tintiuc: Edgar
Isak Julin: Edmund
Nicole Cadeddu: young Regan
Freya Crobe: young Cordelia
Madele Nieddu.: Regan
Valentyna Dovhanyuk: Cordelia's first maid
Larisa Goncharova: Cordelia's second maid
Sara N.ieddu: young Goneril

Lear, the ruler of ancient Britannia has three daughters Goneril, Regan and Cordelia his youngest. He will die as victim of Goneril and Regan's cruelty and adulatory behaviour loosing his precious Cordelia, the only daughter who sincerely loves him. our Lear, played by actor claudio laconi, differs a lot from the traditional elder and almost decrepit image of the king. this sovereign is still a quite young one, still charming and vigorous and yet so fragile, insecure and unstable in his exercise of power and  fatherhood.


Cordelia often speaks through the quotes of Alyosha Karamazov, the good brother and Goneril and Regan. the evil sisters, speak through the quotes of Ivan Karamazov, Smerdjakov Karamazov, The Devil and other negative characters in the novel. This comparison is applied to all the protagonists, each character of King Lear finds his/her corresponding symbol in The Brothers Karamazov.


The quotes in italic style are the quotes from 'The Brothers Karamazov' and 'The Double' by Dostoevsky, in linear similarity between circumstances and feelings. The ''K. Sisterhood'' is indeed the Karamazov sisterhood.

This project could be developed into different types of products, from a theatre play to a feature film.

The fictional language is a mix of Pictish, Gaelic and Ancient Welsh, both whispered and chanted.

The location of the filming is Sardinia, the mystical and ancestral island that D.H. Lawrence described as "a wide, almost Celtic landscape of hills".

Fashion by: 
Barbara i Gongini
Titania Inglis
Daphne Descends
Anu Tera
Chris P
Dina Lynnyk
Nadya Dzyak
Valery Kovalska
The Oresteia
a new theatrical film based on Aeschylus' great trilogy, written and directed by Madel. Project in the making (preliminary filming & grant funding).
                          VILLA DIODaTI & BEYOND
video editorial & photoshoot (2015), theatrical reading, literary review and photography exhibition at the keats shelley house (2017).

on the Left: Italian actress Caterina Murino reads and interprets Mary Shelley at the Keats Shelley House, Rome January 2017.


Photo by Claudio Pascarelli.

Villa Diodati & Beyond is a project written and produced by Madel nieddu of BM Studio in October 2015 that eventually became a photographic exhibition at the prestigious Keats Shelley House in rome and a theatrical reading with international actress Caterina Murino as Mary Shelley,


the project has been presented in January 2017 on Amica Magazine.

The photo shooting and the video have been part of the event at the Keats Shelley House from Jan 26 2017 to Feb 03 2017, in occasion of the bicentennial of the birth of the novel Frankenstein', written by Mary Shelley in 1817 and published in 1818 as a first edition.

The concept behind this shooting is to narrate, in a contemporary perspective combined with the aesthetics of Fashion, the story of Villa Diodati:

During the Summer of 1816 writers Mary and Percy Shelley, John William Polidori and Lord George Gordon Byron with his mistress Claire Clairmont reunited at an historical mansion that overlooked the lake of Geneva called 'Villa Diodati'.

On one dark and stormy night, after the group read a volume of ghost tales, Byron challenged them to write their own horror story, inspiration was taken from a collection of German tales, translated under the title "Phantasmagoriana".


During the following days the young writers and intellectuals spent hours writing, smoking opium, exploring the house and gardens, reading Coleridge and Goethe, evoking Romantic and Gothic images that will give rise to the central idea of their future novels (Frankenstein and The Vampyre among the others) and characters and that will influence the aestethics of an entire generation, from literature to lifestyle and architecture.

The opening, hosted on Jan 26 2017,  included the Theatrical performance and a literary conference with Professors Richard Ambrosini, Florian Mussgnug and Simona Corso from University College of London and Università di Roma Tre on the history of the Gothic Novel, the Gothic Revival architecture and gardens.

Event creator and producer: Madel N. of BM Studio.

Literary conference curator: Dr. Andrea Galli

Coordinator at Keats Shelley House:

Dr. Luca Caddia

Special Thanks to Studio Segre Agency

for 'Caterina Murino Reads Mary Shelley':

Performance by Caterina Murino
Original stage soundtrack:

Antonello Lanteri
Caterina Murino stage costume:

Dolce & Gabbana

Stage photography: Claudio Pascarelli




For Villa Diodati & Beyond photo shooting and video:

with Guglielmo Pinelli (Il Capitale Umano) as Lord Byron,

male model Michael Tintiuc as Percy Shelley and John Polidori,


Sara Nieddu Fresi and Madel Nieddu Fresi as Claire Clairmont and Mary Shelley.

written and produced by Madel Nieddu Fresi of BM Studio.

Fashion by:

Silvio Betterelli,


Paul Smith,

Les Hommes,

Max Mara.

Music: Maurice Ravel


Special thanks to the team from the set locations used to recreate Villa Diodati :

Castello Santa Maria Novella, Fiano. villa celsa, sovicille, Villa Gamberaia, Fiesole.

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